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If you want to get straight to the drills, tactics and methods used to become a world-class batsman (without coa
ching dogma) you should  
on Keep Calm and Smash It online coaching now.

Keep Calm and Smash It is your guide to the experiences and techniques of Kevin Pietersen. Like KP did, you will learn how to make it as a batsman with your own style.

But this course puts aside the old-fashioned coaching manual. Pietersen believes he would never have been a success unless he learned to do it his own way. His style is unique. That's why Keep Calm and Smash It is different: it matches this philosophy.

The course is an online, interactive way for you to learn your own game and develop your own skills with the guidance of a current International player. to enrol. It contains over an hour of videos that teaches ideas for you to put into place. You can watch KP in the nets and see:

  • How to get on top, and stay on top
  • Defeating pace and the ball turning
  • The factors that go into making up bulletproof self-confidence
  • Dealing with a slump in form – and coming through the other side
  • How to develop and play new shots like the switch hit
  • Secrets of making the most of practice

All the solutions are sorted into chapters (see below) that you can work through in any order, for as long as you like.  There are full colour manuals that contain pages of photos, diagrams and worksheets that allow you to come up with your own specific game plans and techniques. There is an exclusive discussion forum where you can share your batting thoughts and ideas. Maybe a batsman in India or England or Australia has had similar experiences to you. .

Overall it all comes together to give you a total batting guide with not a word of dogma. It fits the modern cricket approach of being exciting and free of the shackles of the past. In a world where batsmen are all free to innovate and adapt to succeed, everything you need to is right here in Keep Calm and Smash It.

It’s not going to be easy, but who is better to guide and inspire you than Pietersen? If you have ambitions to improve as a batsman - whatever level of talent you have - then you should .

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Please note: this is an online course where the content all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.This course is a bundle combining courses 1 & 2 of the Kevin Pietersen series.


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