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Leg Spin bowling is the most difficult skill to master in cricket. A lot of leg spinners have talent, but don’t have the coaching to help their talent.

Do you turn up on a dusty and crumbly wicket and the captain gives you the ball and tells you, “It’s your day today, turn it square for me and win us the game.”? But when you bowl you can’t turn the ball at all and you get wacked around a lot and you get dropped from the team?

Or do you spin the ball a lot but find it hard to control were you bowl?

Or do you just want to learn more about bowling leg spin? So you looked into getting some coaching on leg spin bowling, but you couldn’t find any coaches. Or they weren’t good coaches. Or they were really expensive.

I know firsthand that getting good coaching for leg spin bowling is difficult and usually very expensive. I have been very fortunate to have had some great leg spin coaches help me with my game.

So what I have done for you is put courses together with the tips and tricks I used to have success and hopefully this course will improve your bowling. Try it


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Chapter 1 - Leg Spin Bowling
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Leg Spin Bowling eBook

28 page pdf eBook containing chapters on:

  • What is leg spin bowling?
  • Grip
  • Approach
  • Gather
  • Back foot
  • Front foot
  • Release
  • Follow through
  • Where to bowl
  • Field
  • Wind
  • Pitch
  • Quiz

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