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Leg Spin: How to Defeat Your Mid-Career Crisis [2006.101.023.002]

Warning: These Methods Will Get You Out of Your Rut and Make You a Seriously Good Leg Spinner

By Muhammed Haroon, professional leg spin bowler and coach

How much better could you be as a leg spinner if you had a mentor like Terry Jenner was for Shane Warne?

Jenner was the ‘spin doctor’. He took the raw talent of the young Warne and through a finely tuned relationship helped guide him to greatness. Jenner had been there, he knew what needed to be done. Warned picked up on the advice and took it to new levels of success. He became a legend.

You, like Warne then, have moved beyond the basics and have played a bit. You are no mug with the ball. You want more too. You want to know the tricks, techniques and tactics that get you wickets regularly and turn you from an everyday spinner to someone who can change games or even change seasons.

Doesn’t it frustrate you when you realise all you need is a leg up the ladder?

You are stuck in a rut. There is no ‘spin doctor’ to help you out, nobody who has played professionally to give you the inside track, nobody to have the quiet few words you need to explode your performance.

The worst part is that the more days you spend in the dark about how to move on the more chance someone else will jump in your place and stop you getting off the plateau.

It’s enough to make you tear your hair out in despair.

But hold on, before you make yourself bald.

There is a solution to the mid-career crisis...

The online mentor. Click the green ‘buy’ button to get started.

With an online spin doctor you can get as much help as you need as often as you like. It’s personal to you.

  • Work out your specific technical glitches and get back to bowling with loop, spin and dip.
  • Use proven tactics that fit perfectly to the type of games you play and the conditions you play them in.
  • Spend time learning the variations that work best for you. Need a flipper or well disguised googly to get more wickets? You will learn it here.
  • Attend the ‘University of Leg Spin’ by talking to other leg spinners and coaches who have gone through the same problems as you and lived to tell the tale.

Imagine how much more confident you can be as a bowler knowing all your problems can be solved straight away. You won’t need to spend hours, days and weeks working out what the cause of your trouble is and then even longer to solve it. You can just get over the hump and get back to soaring spinning success. Act now by clicking the green buy button.

Wickets will follow because you have the confidence that comes from a great technique and a strong mental approach from buying this course.

How high can you rise through the ranks then?

Professional cricketer?
International cricketer?

You see, I know what it takes because I have played first-class cricket as a leg spin bowler. Because I play club cricket professionally and because I have coached some great International cricketers. I know what it takes technically, mentally and tactically to go from beginner to world-class. That’s why I was accepted onto the elite ECB Level 4 coaching programme. Less than 100 coaches in the world achieve that standard. Guess how many specialise in spin bowling...

What price can you put on drinking from this well of experience? When you make it to the IPL you will be talking in MILLIONS of dollars. Even if you just paid me my standard hourly coaching fee you would pay hundreds just for a single day.

Amazingly, because of the power of coaching online, you will get instant unlimited access to my knowledge and experience for just the price of a night out. And I know which one is better for your cricket career.

You can follow in my footsteps and the footsteps of those I have coached. Click the green buy button to enrol right away.

When you enrol you will discover...
  • The difference between having a unique style and a poor technique. I’ve learned what parts of a bowler’s style are crucial to success and which elements should be adjusted to ensure a crumbling batting order whatever type of game you are playing.
  • How the difference between being an average spinner and an acclaimed spinner is about how fast you bowl.
  • The essential technical points of bowling accurate and well disguised googlies and flippers, without losing your big leg break
  • What you need to do to get into the head of the batsman and start making him think you are about to get him out... which you certainly are!
  • A simple drill with minimal equipment that will teach you how to give the ball loop and dip, the hardest type of delivery for a batsman to judge and the best way to beat the bat, get edges and stumpings.
  • A discussion forum that aids you to cash in on the advice of experienced spinners and coaches. This alone is gold-dust for the spinner who spends so much time alone and unloved.

But I can only help you if you want to help yourself.

Are you ready to start improving with the help of your own spin doctor?

If you said ‘yes’ (and I’m assuming you did if you are still reading) you have made the first simple commitment: A commitment to get into the nets and practice harder and longer than anyone else.

And it’s a commitment you can continue to make by acting now and clicking the green “buy” button on the right hand side.

You do your part, and I’ll do mine. Let me become your personal spin doctor right now. Click buy to get instant access.

Muhammed Haroon - Leg spin coach, former first-class spinner

Please note: this is an online course where the video, audio, and worksheets are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.

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Chapter 1 - How to Find Your Unique Style as a Leg Spinner

How to Find Your Unique Style as a Leg Spinner

Compare the difference between individual style and the core pillars of technique.

"Finding Your Style" Worksheet

Analyse your own style and develop a plan to change areas that need improving while maintaining your strengths.

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Chapter 2 - Practical Ways to Improve Your Mental Game

Practical Ways to Improve Your Mental Game

Examine the practical ways to improve your mental strength as a leg spinner.

"Improving Your Mental Game" Worksheet

Apply the mental game tips to your individual needs.

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Chapter 3 - How to Bowl a Googly and Flipper

How to Bowl a Googly

Copy the techniques described to bowl a well-disguised googly

How to Bowl a Googly (pdf)

Copy the techniques described to bowl a well-disguised googly.  

How to Bowl a Flipper

Copy the techniques described to bowl a well-disguised flipper. 

How to Bowl a Flipper (pdf)

Copy the techniques described to bowl a well-disguised flipper.  

Variations Worksheet

Construct a practice plan to teach yourself (or improve) your variations.

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Chapter 4 - Leg Spin Drills

Drill for Improving Flight and Dip

Use this drill to develop better flight and dip at the right pace.

Drill for Improving Balance at the Crease

Use this drill to solve the problems of:

  • A reduction in turn and dip
  • Getting cut and pulled too often

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Chapter 5 - Leg Spin Tactics

How to Adapt Your Tactics to Conditions

Define the important times to adapt your game under different pitch and weather conditions.

Bowling Leg Spin in Limited Overs and Twenty20

Identify the important tactical approach for bowling in limited over games. Recognise the difference between average and acclaimed leg spinners tactics.

Limited Over Leg Spin Field

List the field placings and common variations for bowling leg spin in limited over matches.

Trick the Batsman: Test Your Tactical Knowledge

Evaluate your tactical knowledge in a game situation.

"Leg Spin Tactics" Worksheet

Construct a plan for different tactical situations based on the type of cricket you play regularly.

Exclusive Course Forum

 Discuss leg spin with others here.