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Discover World-Class Fast Bowling with England International Chris Silverwood

It's tough being a fast bowler. Cricket is a batsman's game.

You are the one doing the hard work, steaming in on a flat wicket, over after over to try and take wickets for the team.

Its frustrating when you are not bowling quick enough, or accurate enough and the batsmen take full advantage. We have all had those bad days at "the office".

Many bowlers assume they have mastered the basics of pace and accuracy, and that their problems lie elsewhere. But the truth is that if you were really a master of those basics the batsman wouldn't have a chance.

The "black belt" level fast bowler can use so many tools; he is never stuck for a way to take a wicket.

You can be this bowler by taking the step and enrolling on this online course.

You can have an accurate away swinger, a good bouncer and a slower ball to mix things up. You can pick and adjust your line and length to suit any conditions and you can use your tactical nous to think clever batters out.

It's all right here in this online coaching course, where the mantra might very well be; keep it as simple as possible, but no simpler.

In other words, when you buy Pace Bowling with Chris Silverwood you get access to a first-class bowler who had the basics honed to perfection. He has learned exactly what needs to be done to become a fast, accurate bowler and has boiled it down the simplest basics.

Then he shows you the drills of how to achieve these basics to the same world-class level.

Suddenly, your bowling average starts to dip.

Not because you are doing anything clever, original or earth-shattering; but because you are putting the ball in the right place.

The ball is swinging and the batsman is in two minds about how and where to score. And you are taking wickets.

It's down to ninja level bowling basics.

So, when you enrol on Pace Bowling with Chris Silverwood you get unlimited instant access to 40 minutes of streaming video that gets you to black belt in,

  • How to identify and tweak your action to generate pace and prevent injury
  • Solving common technical problems
  • Making sure your run up angle, length and speed allow you to reach the crease in perfect rhythm and positioning.
  • Never bowling no balls, no matter how bad your current habit has become.
  • Bowling straight in the corridor of uncertainty
  • Bowling bouncers, yorkers and slower balls when the batter least expects it
  • Tactics for bowling in all conditions

Combined with these videos is an exclusive forum to share your bowling experiences with others. The forum is only open to bowlers who enrol on the course so is home for intelligent discussion and encouragement.

Plus, there is plenty of space on the course to reflect on your own game, what you have learned from the course and how you plan to put the advice into action. The course is about far more than just watching the videos, when you enrol you are driven to take positive action at practice and in your matches.

This is full-access, accelerated, gold standard learning from one of the most respected bowlers in the business.

To access the course, simply click the green "Buy" button and start getting more wickets tomorrow.

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Chapter 1 - Serious Cricket Pace Bowling Guide
The complete guide to mastering pace bowling, with Chris Silverwood

Interactive Bowling Video Textbook

Click the link to launch the exclusive Interactive Bowling Textbook. The online guide features over 40 minutes of streaming content including:

  • Interactive guide to the bowling action
  • Common techincal issue problem solver
  • Video bowling drills
  • Tactical, mental and technical tips from Chris Silverwood

Exclusive Course Forum

Join the discussion on the exclusive pace bowling forum