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Ranji to IPL: Run Scoring Lessons from a Lifetime of Batting [1011.1011.010.201]

Have you ever wondered what is the real difference is between playing club cricket and playing in the IPL, Ranji Trophy or even for your country?

I’ve played at those levels, I’ve felt that difference, so it’s a question I get asked by grass-roots players young and old when I am coaching.

So it’s one I wanted to answer in depth on this coaching course: Ranji to IPL

You see, for me the answer is simple in that cricket is played mostly in the mind: the mentally strong are the ones who make it.

And I believe that you can learn these mental skills just as you can learn to hook, pull cut and drive.

I’ve spent my career fighting. Opening the batting for India against great bowlers like Brett Lee teaches you a thing or two about being tough.

So does walkin

g out to bat in front of thousands of screaming fans in the IPL. That’s about as pressured as it gets in cricket pads.

I’ve had the bad times; the dips in form, the getting duped by wily bowlers and the getting duped by my own mind. I have had to teach myself how to dig deep: how to find a way to keep scoring runs when everything seemed against me.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes.

And with each bad experience I’ve learned exactly what to do to be successful.

More importantly, I’ve learned exactly what NOT to do. I’ve done it and now I’ve put it all in Ranji to IPL so you don’t have to make the same mistakes as me. I did the hard work and made the map. Now all you have to do is follow it.

Despite my mistakes I made it.
I played for India. I’ve played in the IPL.

Imagine what you can do with my knowledge and experience behind you.

Here’s what you will learn on the course:

  • The best frame of mind in which to be to score runs.
  • How to consistently pick line and length, even against the best bowlers.
  • Tactics for effortlessly dealing with fast-moving game situations.
  • Complete step-by-step practice methods for building cast-iron mental strength and concentration skills.

The course is all online and through videos, worksheets, photos and detailed tools you will be able to learn exactly what you need from me to make your own journey.

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Please note: this is an online course where the videos, audio, articles and worksheets are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.


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Chapter 1 - The Batting Hub
Access the complete online coaching course, including the Roadmap here in one place.

The Batting Hub


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Chapter 2 - Roadmap

11 Step Roapmap to Cricket Success

Start here to learn the 11 step route to scoring huge amounts of runs.

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Chapter 3 - Why Focus?
If you ever doubted the importance of the mind in your batting success, this section is for you. It outlines the reasons why your state of mind is so important.

Why is Mental State Important?


The Right and Wrong State of Mind


Take the Focus Challenge (Online Quiz)


Improving Focus Worksheet

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Chapter 4 - The Art of Picking Bowlers
Picking line and length while batting is the key to batting but it’s not about technique It's all about your mental state. Watch the videos and take the challenge.

How to Pick Line and Length


How to Read Bowling


Take the Picking Bowler's Challenge (Interactive Quiz)


Improving Picking Line and Length Worksheet


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Chapter 5 - Staying in the Moment
One of the hardest skills in batting is to forget the past and ignore the future to only play the ball that is being bowled. Learn the techniques and methods of how to do that here.

How to Play One Ball at a Time


How to Avoid Distractions


How to Play Your Natural Game


Take the One Ball Challenge (Online Planning Tool)


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Chapter 6 - Deciding your Tactics
Building on your mental game is the specific tactical approach to different situations: your game plan. See - in this section - how you can adapt your approach to scenarios without messing up your mental game.

How to Play Through Tough Situations


How to Bat Faster and Improve Your Stike Rate


Take the Tactics Challenge (Online Quiz)


Game Plan Worksheet

Download this worksheet to personalise your tactical approach to batting.

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Chapter 7 - Make the Most of Practice
Practice is the most important time to build confidence and reduce fear. This section guides you through my fastest-acting methods of training your body and mind for run-scoring in Ranji, IPL and Test cricket.

Mental Game Practice Methods


Success Journal (Online)

 Use this online journal to record and print your personalised success stories to build your mental strength.

Practice Plan Worksheet

Download and complete this worksheet to personalise your practice to meet your individual batting needs.

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