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Stretch Routine for Cricket [2007.101.046.001]

A coach can tell a lot about a cricketer by observing the attitude a player takes towards stretching. Often players will demonstrate their focus by preparing diligently in the basic components of training such as stretching.

Stretching is often overlooked but it should be a foundational component of your preparation and recovery.

We’re not talking a rushed 5-10 min stretch before training but consistently integrating three to four, 20-25 minute sessions per week. This may sound a lot but be creative and integrate your routine into that time when you're watching TV or when you’re not batting in a match.

This e-booklet demonstrates the stretch routine as used at ACE Cricket Academy, Western Australia.



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Chapter 1 - Stretching for Cricket e-Booklet
Learn the stretches used at ACE Cricket Academy

Stretching for Cricket e-Booklet

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