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Let Former World #1 Bowler Show You the Secrets of Swing Bowling Technique

Nathan Bracken Shows you How to Become a More Consistent and Effective Bowler in This Exclusive Streaming Video Masterclass

You have tried every trick in the book, yet the art of swing bowling still eludes you.

Sure, on the right day you can hoop it round corners. On other days, no matter what, the ball stays straight and you get blitzed by batsmen with huge bats and crazy eyes.

You waggle the seam, you play with length and pace, and you work so hard on the ball you have worn out your trousers. But somehow or another you still can't get it to swing.

You feel lame on those days. You are useless to the captain and you know you will barely get a handful of overs. Instead of glory you are faced with fielding at fine leg with nothing to do but kick your heels and the turf in disgust at yourself.

Is swing bowling a magical art known only to the few alchemist wizard masters with names like Akram, Vaas and RP Singh?

You are starting to wonder.

The Truth About Bowling Swing

The truth is a lot less exciting than magical whizz-bangs, but when it is done right it makes you look every bit the sorcerer.

You are the reliable guy your captain can throw the ball to, safe in the knowledge you will give him 4, 10 or more reliable overs that challenge batsmen in all situations.

Nathan Bracken wants to show you how you can learn these skills, wherever you are now.

It's the type of help that you simply can only get from a bowler who has bested some of great batsmen in International cricket. No wonder he took over 200 wickets for Australia and won an IPL contract.

The secret is that Nathan has been through it all. He has learned the ways, methods and drills to use to become a reliable and effective swing bowler and he is passing his findings directly to you in the Swing Bowling Masterclass online coaching course.

He practised long and hard, learned how to swing the white ball, learned how to swing the red ball and learned what skills he needed when swing wasn't an option.

It wasn't his God-given skill that took him to World #1 bowler, just sheer hard work.

Which means you can do it as well.

It will not be easy.

There are many wrong turns that can be avoided though.

That's why on this course you will learn:

  • The basis of a good technique that gives the ball a chance to swing in all conditions.
  • Ways to use your wrist to keep the seam upright, and swing the ball more.
  • More tweaks you can work on to produce swing.
  • Proven practice drills used by Nathan and the bowlers that he coaches.
  • How to maintain your technique during games to keep the ball swinging.
  • What changes you need to make to bowl variations when the swing option is not available.

The online coaching course also contains worksheets and knowledge tests so you can not just watch the streaming videos, but also interact with them to monitor your improvements and test your new found skills.

There is also an online forum only available to those inner-circle to discuss the art and science of becoming a great swing bowler.

All you need to to to get instant access to all these resources,plus streaming video from the SCG, is click the green "buy" button.


Please note: this is an online course where the content is all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so when you act you get instant unlimited access.

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Chapter 1 - Technical Base
There are many ways to swing a cricket ball, but they all need a strong basic action. This section outlines the key technical points of the action for swing bowling.

Technical Basics Video Guide

Interactive video shows you the important elements of the swing bowling action, broken down simply so you can understand what can go wrong, and how to fix the problem to get more swing:

  • Momentum
  • Bound
  • Balance
  • Alignment
  • Controlling Seam Position

Click the link to view this video and start your masterclass!

Technique Worksheet

 Download, print and complete this worksheet to help you work through the technical changes that you wish to make to bowl swing.

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Chapter 2 - Practice Session and Drills
You have to practice smart and hard to get results. Use these methods to do both and get more accuracy and swing.

Practice Session Video

This interactive video shows you the step-by-step approach to practicing both stock balls and variations to develop a good technique. Use it in combination with the session worksheet also in this chapter.

Practice Session Record Sheet

 Download and print this sheet to take to nets and record your progress.

Technical Mastery Countdown Worksheet

 This sheet will last you 10 years! Use it to track your progress to becoming a swing bowling master. Download and print.

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Chapter 3 - Technique in Matches
You can't work on technique in matches, but you can stop bad habits. This section shows you how.

In Game Technical Checklist Video

This is a guide to the mental side of technique. Under the pressure of games you can lose technique, unless you use the method in this section. Click the link to play the interactive video.

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Chapter 4 - Technical Understanding Quiz
Use this short interactive quiz to test your understanding of the course content

Technical Understanding Quiz

Click the link to play the quiz.

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Chapter 5 - Swing Bowling: Technique eManual
A downloadable manual version of the course

Swing Bowling: Technique eManual

The entire course can be downloaded, printed and read in this 14 page eManual with full colour images. This is a pdf file.

Exclusive Course Forum

 Discuss bowling with others on the course.