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The Umpiring Survival Guide for Players, Coaches and Non-Umpires [1001.101.084.101]

If you are not an umpire, getting asked to fill in with the job is intimidating.

Make the wrong mistake in giving the captain out LBW and you could end up paying for the rest of the season! That's before you have to worry about the more difficult Laws, or dissent from the fielders. All you want to do is a reasonable job when roped in.

You could read the Laws from cover to cover to get a better idea, but frankly the very idea is about as exciting as a job making sure the paint is completely dry. Besides, that way you don't learn the finer arts such as how to handle players.

A simpler solution is a way to quickly learn the basics of umpiring. No need to wade through the fluff of Laws: Just a fast, fun and easily referenced guide to all the important bits of being an umpire.

That's exactly what this online course has been designed to do for you.

When you purchase the "The umpiring survival guide" you will learn:

  • The secrets of letting the game run with minimum interference
  • How to judge a no ball and a wide
  • Dealing with poor conditions
  • How to judge appeals, including the dreaded LBW
  • Building rapport with players, even when they put you under pressure

Even if you never get called to pull on the white coat, this course will improve your knowledge of the game without feeling like its extra homework. Just go through the presentations and enjoy the journey!

FREE BONUS: The course now includes a free 91 page umpiring quizbook, learn the laws and test your knowledge.

To get access to all this information and start doing a better job, click the green "Buy" button on the right.

 Please note: this is an online course where the eBook and online guides are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access. 
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Chapter 1 - What do I do next?
Picture the scene. You have been roped in to umpire. You may be a passing spectator at a club match, a coach of a set of players or even a player yourself filling in. Whatever the scenario you are not a qualified umpire and you certainly don’t want to make a mistake. This introductory presentation walks you through the basics.

What do I do next? Presentation

Click on the link to play the interactive presentation.

Umpire's pre-game checklist

Click the link to download this printable pdf. Take it with you to the game if you need help remembering what to check before the game begins.

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Chapter 2 - Running the game
As umpire you are responsible for the smooth running of the game. This presentation will show you the basics of how to keep the game going, especially when dealing with what is the limits of the game such as legal deliveries and when the ball is live or dead.

Running the game

Click the link above to start the interactive presentation.

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Chapter 3 - Howzat!
Being asked to decide dismissals is perhaps the most stressful part to being an umpire. Use this guide to help you learn how to make the right calls.

Howzat! A simple guide to dealing with appeals and dismissals

Click the link to start the presentation that also includes a "You are the Umpire" style quiz.

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Chapter 4 - Psychology
A simple guide to building rapport with players and dealing with difficult situations

How a good umpire deals with players and pressure

How to stay calm, apply the Laws and still have good rapport with the players.

How a good umpire deals with players and pressure (pdf version)

click the link to download the pdf version of this article.

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Chapter 5 - Umpiring Survival Guide eBook
Get the contents of this course as an eBook

Umpiring Survival Guide eBook

Click the link to download this course as a 91 page eBook.

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