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It's About Time You Learned the Right Way to Use Trigger Moves

By Gary Palmer, PitchVision Academy Batting Coach

Trigger moves are all the rage. But they are also one of the first things to go wrong with batsmen. I see it every day with the players I coach and it costs them runs until we correct it.

Almost every first-class batsman has a trigger movement: That shuffle of the feet just before the bowler delivers the ball that gets you into position. Yet it's impossible to get coaching on what works and what is just trendy nonsense.

Batting is about being balanced and meeting the ball in perfect coordination with the body's movements. That is what timing is all about. It all starts as the bowler releases the ball and you have that fraction of a second to decide where the ball is going and what shot you are going to play. This is easier to do if your head is still and your eyes are level.

So it makes perfect sense for coaches to tell you to keep your head still and simply be relaxed and balanced at the crease.

But then I see players trying their own thing and getting it wrong.

The problem with trigger movements

Players are influenced by what they see on TV, but attempt to recreate the trigger movements of their heroes without access to high level coaching (or any coaching).

Your setup is crucial, and adding or changing a trigger movement badly is a disaster:

  • Loss of rhythm. Moving too early can upset that delicate metronome of rhythm that all good batsmen need.
  • Less time. If you move too late and your head is not still when the ball is delivered it will feel as if the ball is on you much more quickly.
  • Unbalanced. Getting caught off balance when the ball is bowled because you have moved incorrectly will limit your range of shots and timing drastically.

What does all that mean?


So you should forget about trigger movements, right?

Wrong. And as you are reading this far, you already knew that!

Use the right trigger to fight back against bowling

You see the right trigger adds time, rhythm and balance to the player who has a still head.

  • You are already halfway to playing a shot before the ball is out of the hand.
  • A movement pre-delivery gets you onto the balls of your feet with your head over your toes. You are both ready to move but also stable and balanced.
  • Helps you focus mentally.

The trigger gives you momentum into whatever shot you select. And that means more runs, more quickly in all formats of the game.

That's why in this course I show you:

  • The right trigger moves for spin and seam bowling
  • A structured approach to building a trigger move from scratch
  • A simple method of feeding the ball that irons out technical errors in your trigger move.

Or to put it another way; a simple, effective and complete system to developing a trigger move that is proven to work.

The drills and methods in this course are the ones I use every day with the professionals I coach. They are unique to me and not available anywhere else online. Follow my progressions and, like the players I have coached to the top, you can see your average go through the roof.

Simple, not Easy

If you want a trigger move, or you want to coach one more effectively to your players you should buy this online course.

However, don't enter into it without thinking it through. Most people make a conscious decision to adopt a trigger move, it's not "natural". If you want to do this, know that it is a long journey that needs a lot of practice.

The whole thing is prone to going horribly wrong if not learned correctly or completely. So only ise the method in this course if you are sure you have the time and the focus to get it right.

Soif you are ready to buy this course and put in the work to transform your game, click the green "buy now" button for instant access.

See you inside!

Please note: this is an online course where the online presentations and videos available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.

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Chapter 1 - Playing Pace Bowling
Which trigger is best for fast bowling? Find out here.

Playing Pace Bowling: Introduction to Trigger Moves

Get the basic principles of trigger moves in this online video (3m 26)

Playing Pace Bowling: Stage 1

Net Practice Stage 1: Forward (4m 10)

Playing Pace Bowling: Stage 2

Stage 2: Playing Back video (4m 25)

Playing Pace Bowling: Stage 3

Stage 3: Judgement (4m 04)

Playing Pace Bowling: Stage 4

Stage 4: Progressions 1 (2m 59)

Playing Pace Bowling: Stage 5

Stage 5: Progressions 2 (2m 59)

Playing Pace Bowling: Stage 6

Stage 6: Further Progressions (2m 59)

Playing Pace Bowling: Stage 7

Concluding thoughts and feedback from Gary Palmer (2m 27)

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Chapter 2 - Playing Spin Bowling
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Playing Spin Bowling: Introduction to Forward Press

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Playing Off Spin Bowling

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Playing Leg Spin

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Playing Leg Spin (Advanced)

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