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Wicket-Keeping: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art [3004.201.039.001]

The wicket-keeper is arguably the most under-appreciated player on the field. A brilliant piece of fielding is usually praised when it occurs in the outfield, but simply expected behind the stumps. So why is it that we all want to be wicket-keepers? The answer is simple: The wicket-keeper is involved in every ball of the match and therefore has the ability to change the game with one moment of brilliance.

You will learn the following from my book:

  • How to take two-handed, one-handed, diving and rolling catches using the technically correct catching techniques in order to ensure that you avoid injuries.
  • The basics of standing back, as well as the more advanced elements of footwork that will enable you to move to the ball effectively when keeping to both fast and slow bowlers.
  • How to stand up to the wickets to slow and fast bowlers.
  • How to execute lightning quick stumpings!
  • How to handle balls bouncing on that uncomfortable length that we all hate!
  • How to position the slips optimally in order to ensure that you collectively cover the maximum possible area without letting any balls “slip” through.
  • All about the 7m circle and throwing at the wickets.
  • The different techniques used to take fielders’ throws, and how to create that extra fraction of a second needed to run the batsman out.
  • Tons of fun training drills to master every single one of your keeping skills!
  • The physiology of wicket-keeping including fitness, strength and flexibility, warm up and cool down, injuries and nutrition.
  • The psychology of wicket-keeping including all there is to know about motivation, arousal, concentration, confidence, nervousness, fear and visualisation.

Wicket-Keeping: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art is a 52 page eBook with over 15,000 words and 75 colour photographs and figures.

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