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How to Take the Pain Out of Wicketkeeping

Wicketkeeping hurts.

You’re the one with the gloves so you are expected to catch everything faultlessly. You are only noticed when you make a mistake, even if the ‘mistake’ is a leg side stumping miss standing up to a medium pace bowler after throwing yourself around all innings.

Then after dealing with the pain of your errors you have to get yourself and everyone else in the team up for the next match with aching legs and not enough practice.

No wonder you have to have a passion for being a gloveman.

You are not alone. and start learning how to make things easier.

I’ve been through exactly the same experiences as a keeper with over 20 years experience at first-class and club level. I learned what works to reduce the pain. It took a long time and a lot of trial and error.

Now I coach keepers myself I can pass on the ways to relieve that pain when you buy this online coaching course:

Pain: You drop catches standing back

Cure: Wicketkeeping Drills, Tips and Training has videos to let you apply the best posture, glovework and footwork when standing back:

  • Use efficient footwork to get to the ball
  • Decide which method of diving will get you the most spectacular catches
  • Develop the feel of the ball ‘melting’ into your gloves like all great keepers standing back

Pain: You don’t know how to get good keeping practice

Cure: Wicketkeeping Drills, Tips and Training demonstrate drills you can do with anyone and track yourself so you don’t need a specialist coach

  • Customise your training session to your strengths and weaknesses
  • Practice well with a team-mate or even alone
  • Decide how much practice you need to reach your aims of being a high-class keeper

Pain: You miss stumpings when the spinner is on

Cure: Wicketkeeping Drills, Tips and Training demonstrates the techniques used by the world’s finest wicketkeepers to smoothly dismiss batsmen with a swift dislodging of a single bail, even with difficult leg side takes.

  • Analyse how you align your body to efficiently take the ball on the off and leg side.
  • Practice standing up with simple, proven drills you can do anywhere, anytime with just your gloves and a ball.
  • Use simple shifts of weight to have relaxed, strong hands that move quickly to the stumps
  • Deal with making a mistake and making the next chance count

Pain: You don’t know whether to stand up or back to fast medium bowlers

Cure: Wicketkeeping Drills, Tips and Training helps you analyse the best time to stay back and the best time to come up.

  • Create a mental checklist of the key benefits of standing up
  • Develop the confidence to stand up to bowlers who think they are too quick
  • Use one simple piece of equipment to hone your reflexes against quicker bowlers

Pain : You know you should be the leader of the field, but you don’t know how

Cure: Wicketkeeping Drills, Tips and Training will show you how to be truly motivating to your team-mates and how far to go with sledging opposition batsmen.

  • Define the role you need to fill in your team’s fielding unit
  • Decide where to draw the line with sledging and how to put off the batsman without going too far
  • Develop simple methods for being a positive influence on your team without, even if you have a naturally quiet personality

All you need to do to get instant access to the videos, worksheets and audio files on this course is click the green ‘buy’ button.

Act now because every game you play without the right skills and knowledge is a chance for you to feel more pain. You hold the cure right here.

Adrian Shaw
PitchVision Academy Wicketkeeping Coach

PS. Remember, you get everything you need to become a classy wicketkeeper on this course: drills, training methods and worksheets to personalise everything to your needs. It’s exactly the same toolkit I would give you if you had a one-to-one session with me. The only difference is that because this is delivered online you pay a fraction of the cost.


Please note: this is an online course where the videos, audio, articles and worksheets are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.


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Chapter 1 - Hone your Glovework, Footwork and Posture

Hone your Glovework, Footwork and Posture

Recognise and apply the drills to devleop and maintain effective wicketkeeping posture, glovework and footwork.

Glovework, Footwork and Posture Worksheet

Download the worksheet to evaluate your posture and glovework and decide which corrective drills to use to improve this area.

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Chapter 2 - Standing Back: Moving, Catching and Diving

Standing Back: Moving and Catching

Apply the basics of glove work and footwork in a world-class way.

Standing Back: Diving

Identify the 2 different diving styles, decide which is best for your style and apply the correct diving drill.

Standing Back: Moving, Catching and Diving Worksheet

 Use the worksheet to appraise your strengths and weaknesses standing back and decide how to practice these areas.

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Chapter 3 - Standing Up: Stumpings, Catches and Making the Difference

Standing Up: Stumpings, Catches and Making the Difference

Identify the drills and techniques for mastering standing up to bowlers, catching the ball, taking stumpings and improving your reactions.

Standing Up Worksheet

Print and complete this worksheet to assess your ability working up to the stumps and personalise your training around your needs.

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Chapter 4 - Tactics and Mental Game

Roles, Sledging and Mental Game

Define your role in the field, recognise how to make the most of you personality and bounce back from failures.

Tactics and Mentality of Standing Up to Medium Fast Bowlers

Analyse the benefits of when and why you need to stand up to quicker bowlers. Recognise the differences in technique between keeping to spin and pace bowlers.

Taking Throws and Making Run Outs

Define the techniques for taking throws from the outfield and decide which method works best for you for saving runs and making run outs.

Tactics and Mental Game Worksheet

Use this worksheet to define your role in the field, decide your approach to sledging and develop a method for dealing with mistakes.

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Chapter 5 - Training and Practice
Apply your newly learned drills in a complete training plan

Training Tips

Discover the different techniques for wicketkeeper training during club net sessions and training at home.

Training Worksheet

Use the worksheet to plan your personalised training sessions.

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Chapter 6 - eBook and Audio
Get the contents of this course as an eBook or audio files

Wicketkeeping Drills, Tips and Training eBook

Download the entire contents of this course as a 20 page, 3,300 word eBook with 36 full colour images.

Wicketkeeping Drills and Tips Audio

Download the first part of this course as an audio file for listening on a mp3 player (22m 14s)

Wicketkeeping Interview with Adrian Shaw

Download and listen in am mp3 player to the full length interview with Adrian Shaw on wicketkeeping (40m 37s)