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Cricket fielding drills week: Games

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The single best way to get better at cricket is to actually play cricket. But what do you do if you want to practice particular skills in a game situation?

You setup practice games.

Practice games recreate the competition and pressure of a real game, but focus of developing certain skills rather than just being a general game. Here are 4 mini game to improve your fielding(and other skills) and some ideas for games that can involve everyone in a short period of time.

1. Find The Gap

find the gap

Place cones on the normal in fielding positions around a normal pitch. Fielders cover each position but at least 2 cones must be left without a fielder. The aim of the game is for the batsmen to hit deliveries through the gaps.

2. Judge a run

judge a run

Set 4 cones to make a square around the pitch. The coach (or batsman) rolls the ball out within the boundary. The aim is to get as many quick singles as possible. If the ball goes outside the cones it is dead. Each pair gets 2 overs.

3. Pulling game

pulling game

The batsman is fed long hops to hit against the wall. The aim is to get the ball across the 2 boundary lines; the fielders must try and stop it.

4. Quick Singles

quick singles

Another pairs game. The aim is to get as many singles by hitting the ball inside the boundary area set by the cones. Each pair gets 2 overs. The ball must be bowled in the black pitching area or it is called a wide and it goes dead if it passes outside the cone boundary. If a batsman is run out, the pair lose 4 runs.

5. Other Games

  • Pairs Cricket. Play a normal game except there are no teams, instead bat in pairs for 4 overs each (with one pair padded up and ready). The winner is the pair with the highest average score (runs divided by wickets).
  • 6 or 8 a Side Cricket. Simply set the maximum time a bowler can bowl and a batsman can bat and play a reduced time game under the normal laws.
  • 1 Hour Cricket. A normal game where each innings can only be one hour. This encourages sharp fielding and quick movement between overs.

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i tried this with a couple of under tens and they failed, but good drilss i liked them