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Cricket fitness for older players

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Cricket is a great game because you can continue to play it long after you have had to give up other sports. International players can go on well into their 30s (or 40s) and many club players are still turning out in their 60s.

The older you get the harder it can be to maintain your own high standards and the more you need strategies and tips to keep playing at your best.

This week I will be covering these tactics in detail to help you continue to perform at as high a standard as you can muster as you move from talented youngster to hardened campaigner.

What is an older player? Anyone who has passed the first flush of cricketing youth can benefit from this series. At the more youthful end you will probably be in your late 20s and the sky's the limit at the other end. The older you are the more you can benefit.

Here are the topics:

The importance of eating well
What are the risks of getting older?
Mobility and balance
When to retire from cricket

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