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Cricket Show 104: Pretend it’s Not Your Go

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Skyer bats, the World Cup and robotic batting are the themes of the show this week. Burner’s gives us his tips on how to avoid breaking a finger at fielding practice and we talk about PitchVision at the World Cup.

We also look in detail at some coaching questions. We discuss the role of hand speed in bowling pace and find out how to nurdle the ball around like a one day international cricketer.

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Hello there David!

i had sent you an email for the podcast question through anwaaransari98 (at) to micricketcoach (at) ! My question was about the hand speed of the bowling arm ! And that question is there in the podcast!
So does that mean i won something?

You find out at the end of the show.

I didn't win!
But I am gonna try again!

Need some honest feedback from you Dave and others.

We have a very tough semi final this week against a strong opposition. Last week the captain before the game told me he wanted to see aggressive running between the wickets and picking up the singles. This resulted in 3 run out opportunities for the opposition which should have been out but they stuffed up. From the non strikers end, I was backing up fairly aggressively and as soon as the other batsman played a defensive shot and the ball dropped at his feet I called yes and went for it. The other batsman hesitated, he looked confused, and eventually went for the run, but by that time the bowler recovered the ball, threw it at the non strikers end and for some unknown reason they weren't able to run him out. This happened about 2-3 times.

From my point of view running at the strikers end and (danger end) I was comfortably in, but the thing that undid us was the fact the other batsman didn't have the mindset to look for those easy chances. He said it himself, he didn't have the mindset that those could be turned into a single, he wasn't looking for it.

Now our side is made up of mostly youngsters coming up through junior cricket. But they are good bats. However my strong estimation is that they themselves don't have the mindset that those balls that drop at your feet can be turned into a single. A defensive shot for them is basically a no call.

My dilemma is that if I take the approach to be aggressive and run those ones that the batsman drops at his feet, it will end up in a run out chance as the guy on strike will be confused as he is not used to that sort of attacking running. So the fact that we are so inexperienced in that field and haven't practiced it leads me to the belief that it is better not to change what has worked for us this year.

However against this mob, these are essentially easy runs and we could pick up an extra 15-20 runs and rotate the strike successfully, frustrating their bowlers.

The logical conclusion would be to do what you have done all year and not change things in a crucial game such as a semi final when you haven't rehearsed this part of your game. The best outcome would be to back up aggressively at the non strikers end and stick to the striker calling infront of the wicket and the non striker behind the wicket. Is this the most optimal outcome or do I worry about the 15-20 extra runs we could get but at a high risk as we are new to this?

You have to take the runs. Tell you partner beforehand what you are intending to do, and to be ready to run if he hears you call. But ultimately you are playing good cricket and your partner is not, so you have to insist that they change their midset if they don't want to cause a wicket to be lost.

In my experience 3/4 run-out chances are messed up anyway. So the extra 20 odd runs you can make by running aggressively more than compensates for the small increase that they might actually get one right.

Hmm that is food for thought. The thing is we play 45 over games and in our grade the wickets aren't that crash hot, so a score of 180-190 is tough to chase, over 200 you are very safe. We have been able to get 180-190 scores without going for these quick singles before, so do I really need the added risk as an opener? What you say makes a lot of sense, its the way you should go about it in one day cricket bu I am concerned we don't have the skills as a team to get to the next level and turn blocks into a single. Are the semis the right time to try something new?

It's a shame you can't practice it. If it's a sensible run your partner should have learned by now! I would take the runs if you think they are on.

That's the thing, we haven't practiced it, and like any other aspect of the game you need to practice it. Just watching the South Africa game 2 nights ago and seeing how they picked up the runs, my god was I impressed man. The one mistake I did last week was that I misinterpreted aggressive running to mean aggressive batting and I played some awful shots, took my running into my batting, bit of inexperience. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and think positive, talk about what areas a quick single is on and hope for the best.