Cricket Show 46: Laws and umpiring | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket Show 46: Laws and umpiring

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David and Kevin scratch their heads over this week's theme of umpiring. Many times club players find themselves having to umpire games and a good understanding of the Laws is important but how many of us can say we really know what we are doing?

Ian Pont is also back with his regular fast bowling segment and we look at some unusual situations in the questions section. The questions include:

  • How to coach the bowling action effectively to beginners.
  • Being out hit wicket.
  • Can the batsman hit the ball that stops before it reaches him?
  • Can a batsman defend his stumps by hitting the ball again?
  • Is it out if the bails come off but land back on the stumps?
  • How to deal with dissent.
  • What happens if the ball hits the umpire?

In next week's show we want your questions on coaching. Please contact us.

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