Cricket show 49: Field settings | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket show 49: Field settings

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Field placings for club and school cricket is the theme of the show this week. David is back from a short break while Kevin tells us about his mixed start to the season. Don't worry Kevin, there is a long way to go yet. To help Kevin out, Ian Pont has another fast bowling tip and we answer your questions on:

  • How to spot talent
  • Using the wicketkeeper to assist with setting the field
  • The basic theory of field settings
  • How to deal with bowlers who insist on 'safety blanket' fielders
  • Placing the field for left arm spin
  • Limited overs field settings

The theme of next week's show is "Improving Confidence" so if you are having any issues with self-confidence and are worried about failure you can email your questions to us.

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