Cricket Show 63: Your questions answered | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket Show 63: Your questions answered

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Senyo Nyakutse re-joins David on the show to talk about PitchVision and netting for hours. Gary Palmer is on the phone with more batting advice.

This week's questions include:
  • What selectors are looking for in a young player during a rep level age group trial.
  • How to keep out inswinging yorkers.
  • How to boost batting strike rate.
  • How to improve throwing arm speed from distance. (We discuss cricket fitness during the answer)

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what is a back crease?

Are you talking about the bowling crease? The one level with the stumps?

could u tell me how to work on quicker and accurate bowling

take a look at the bowling section in PV Academy here there is also loads of stuff for free in out fast bowling category. Take a look around and if you need further help drop me a line!