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Cricket Show 83: Even more free cricket coaching

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PitchVision Academy Cricket Show

Due to last week's epic fail we felt guilty enough to extend this week's edition of the Cricket Show to 41 minutes to try and beg your forgiveness.

So what's in the show this week?

All the stuff you expect: coaching questions answered and cricket issues discussed as David and Kevin talk about the English club season so far and the challenges we face that you don't see in the pro game too often (like getting lost on the way to the ground and being two players down until they arrive back from a summer holiday).

Gary Palmer is guest coach and we answer your questions on:

  • How to improve your throwing arm
  • How to bounce back from a failure on day to play the next
  • How to become a hitter even if you are not big and strong

You can submit your questions for us to answer next week here or on facebook.

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