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PitchVision hi-tech coaching event a resounding success

 What a night of coaching, cricket, interactive games and meeting PitchVision Academy members!

As you know, the world’s first hi-tech coaching event happened at the Brit Oval last week and it was a blast.

The event saw 28 cricketers and PitchVision Academy fans attending a live and interactive demonstration of the PitchVision system at the Ken Barrington Centre within the grounds of the Oval.

4 nets were set up for the players to try batting and bowling on the PitchVision system and get coaching from PitchVision Academy’s very own Gary Palmer and me, David Hinchliffe.

It was the first time ever that real life coaching had been combined with feedback from an interactive system. Attendees could get instant feedback on how the coaching went by being able to see their batting wagon wheel and bowling pitchmap, just like the pros do on TV. All thanks to PitchVision.

Here are a few pictures from the event:

As you can see, plenty went on for the guys who came to the session with giant plasma screens on hand to show exactly how much better everyone was getting over the course of the evening.
But to really know how it went I think I’ll leave the feedback to some of the people who came along:

From the parent of Connor and Alex: “Many thanks for allowing the boys to come yesterday – they thoroughly enjoyed the event and I hope that it was a success for you too!”

From Leo: “Thanks for today David was really good hope you do another event soon.”

And one via twitter too:

Most importantly for me, I had a lot of fun meeting PitchVision Academy members in real life, showing them how powerful PitchVision is for the first time in real life and getting the distinct impression that everyone was having a great time. 

Prizes were given out and everyone walked away with a printout of the batting and bowling they had done. So with the coaching and high-tech feedback, everyone who attended can feel a bit closer to the guys who do it on the TV for a living.

A resounding success then.
Keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

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Likewise, I'd like to also say that the night was excellent. Thank you very much for putting it on

Was a great night, really good fun and very helpful! wWould defently go to another one, Thanks for putting the event on

Keep your eyes peeled Kevin.