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CRICKET JOBS: Master in Charge of Cricket and Rugby - Pembroke House School (Ken)

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Pembroke House is seeking to appoint a Master in charge of Rugby & Cricket for September 2016.  Some classroom teaching will also be required; any subject(s) will be considered.

Pembroke House is a traditional, coeducational IAPS school of roughly 220 pupils aged 5-13 set in the Rift Valley, Kenya.  The school has a reputation for providing an outstanding all-round education with a quality of pastoral care that is second to none.  Although known traditionally for its sporting achievements, academic standards at Pembroke House are also high and all pupils are prepared for 13+ Common Entrance or scholarship examinations.  The majority of pupils move on to full boarding schools in the UK and in recent years an impressive number of awards have been won – including academic, sport, art, drama and all-round scholarships.

Pembroke House is very much a full boarding school.  On an average weeknight around 90% of children board (including several in year one) and roughly 50% of pupils stay in or are on school trips at weekends.  Favourite pastimes include climbing trees, building dams, making dens in the forestry, horse riding, fishing and snake catching.  Trips include safaris, triathlons, visits to flower farms and tea plantations, and climbing mountains.

All staff are expected to contribute towards the extra curricular and boarding life of the school.  Applications are invited from NQTs as well as experienced teachers.

We are currently advertising a number of positions and it is anticipated that some of these roles may be combined for suitable candidates.  Please see our other advertisements for details.
For further information please contact the Headmistress, Mrs Deborah Boyd-Moss, by email:

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