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JOBS: National Coach - German Cricket Federation

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Cricket Germany is currently looking for a national team coach for 2014 and beyond. 

The position is freelance and will encompass about 25 days work next summer and will include training camps, warm up tournaments and coaching the German national team in the ICC Europe Division 2 Championships in Essex.

The coach should be at least Level 3 qualified and should be resident in Europe.

Mails please to

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Hello ! Sir I am from Karachi,Pakistan and I just see your ad here as I am searching for cricket and football jobs in Germany ! I have a very great potential about cricket and football coaching and also have a good experience ! for more I can also give you many advises and ideas that how can you people make your cricket better and professionally I am a fast bowler and I also do bat as well ! I hope that you will reply me with a good hope and I will wait for your reply Smiling

hello sir
i am level 2 qualified and certified coach from PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board),and qualified and certified trainer as well from PCB working as head coach in club from last 6 years worked with U15 , U16, U19 and senior players of club and working as trainer with grade 1 pakistan dosmestic top team SNGPL ( SUI NORTHERN GAS PIPELINE LIMITED) from last 4 i am leaving in Croatia now i saw this post i am interested to go something in cricket for youngster for thier skills to be better , i will provide you my CV and certificates copy if you requires,
waiting for reply.
thanks regards,
Wasal kamal bitis


Wasal, please bea ware we do not receive the applications here - we just list the vacancy. Application details are provided in the listing itself.