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Monty Desai Monty Desai
Monty Desai

Do you dream of playing in the IPL?

want one chance to become a cricketer?

Do you wish you had access to a coach of an IPL franchise?

Monty Desai is that coach. As a Rajasthan Royals coach, he knows exactly what you need to do. He knows because every day, young players from all over India contact him to ask for a place on his Mumbai Academy. They are passionate, talented and loyal. Like you, they simply wish to be able to prove they have the ability to play at the highest level.

Though his Academy, Monty works every day to develop players who are ready for the IPL, ready for the Ranji Trophy and ready for India. He is an IPL Coach and Talent Scout with Rajasthan Royals, and has worked with high-class players, and players who he has made high-class through his Academy.

There's no doubting the pedigree, but Monty can't accept every raw talented cricketer to hone into a professional So, the answer is to bring the Academy to you through this online coaching course.

The course contains all the tools you need to find your chance and take it.

To reach your IPL dreams.

You bring your talent, your hard work, your commitment and your loyalty. Monty brings the videos and eBook filled with tips:

  • The path from tennis ball to IPL explained in detail, with tips on moving forward.
  • How to practice to prepare for both IPL and Test cricket.
  • The skills to learn to give you the best results in the shortest time.
  • A secret way to gain respect from any coach and improve you chances of becoming a cricketer.
  • How to become a T20 specialist, even if you are older!
  • Simple ways to respectfully ask a coach or Guru for your one chance (even if you only have Facebook).

With videos and a complete eBook, you can start your journey to become a cricketer.

How to Become a Cricketer is available on 19th March. To get free tips and drills before the launch date, and stay up to date on how to become a cricketer, enter your email into the box on the left.