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Frequently Asked Questions ( about PitchVision Academy)

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Got a question related to PitchVision miCricketCoach? Here are the most common questions answered.

If you have emailed me and the answer is in here then I won’t reply to save us both time. Don’t be offended, I still love you.


How do I subscribe to

There are loads of ways to get free updates. Take a look at the list of subscription options.

Can you give me some technical advice about my batting/bowling/fielding/wicketkeeping?

We can and often do. We tend to keep my advice general though.

Can you get me a job as an overseas player/coach?

Sorry no. We don’t act as an agent for overseas players yet - though we have such a strong community of committed cricketers it is something we're thinking about.  In the meantime however we do recommend the Steven Hirst at the CricX player agency if you are talented (!!). Good luck and mention our name.

Do you want to trade links?

We only trade links with relevant websites. We'll be happy to get back to you if there is a good fit and we can build a relationship between sites.

How do I advertise on

Drop us a line to discuss it.

Why haven’t you replied to my email?

We try to prioritise replies to emails that require a direct response and often it can take up to 3 days for one of the Coaches to be in a position to reply. Don’t be offended, it’s just our way of being as efficient as possible.  We also encourage you to post your questions in the forum where other readers often provide excellent suggestions and advice.

How can I help with

The best thing you can do is contribute to the site. We’d love to get an article from you to post here. Passion is more important than writing talent as we can clean things up. You can also comment on articles that you find useful using the comments box at the bottom of every post.

You can also help with running costs on the site by buying some books from our store, or buying stuff from the PitchVision sponsors.

Can I do a guest post on

You certainly can. We much prefer post swaps to link swaps and We'll  be happy to give you a spot on pitchvision for a day in return for a post on something to do with club cricket or helping players improve. Just email miCoach or give me a call.

Would you like to buy some….

If you feel you have something that can genuinely benefit our readers please email us. Spammers leave us alone.

Do you do any coaching in real life?

David Hinchliffe is a Level 2 coach. IHe is currently busy at his local club in the UK.  He has coached at many clubs as well as consulted with the North Gear 2020 Premier League and Darren Talbot Cricket Coaching in the past. If you would like him to do a one to one coahcing session email for availability, rates etc

Who are the  miCricketCoach team?

Read all about the miCricketCoach team and in the About section

How can I search this site?

There is a search  facility at the top right hand side on most pages; though you can also use the  'Cricket Resources' box at the very top.  If you can’t find something then email us and we can point you in the right direction.

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