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Field Settings: Left Arm Fast, Limited Over Death

This article is part of "The complete guide to cricket field settings" series.

In short format cricket, the left arm quick is a great option to have in your team. When bowling to right handed batsmen they have the tactical advantage of slanting the ball across, making it harder to go leg side.

This was first used to brilliant effect by England in the winning World T20 campaign in 2010, but it is just as useful at club, school and Academy level.

The batsman is trying in most case to hit the ball hard over the leg side field.


Bowling to this field

As the batsman are swinging from the laces, you job is to prevent boundaries as much as possible. You are also looking for wickets from catches or attempted slogs that hit the pads or stumps.

Your main length is the yorker, as this is hardest to hit. Bowl it at the stumps and, if possible, swing it back in to the right hander to force him to hit straight.

Bowling variations

Variety is all important against a set batsman. You need to be able to put him off his stride by mixing up your pace and length. You should consider:

However, variety doesn't need to be as dramatic as those extremes. A slight drop in pace, or a low full toss are more subtle variations that are just as powerful against a batsman who is used to your bowling and going at you hard.

Avoid bowling

Unlike most situations, bowling traditional line and length is undesirable. The batsman can easily set up to get underneath the ball and swipe you over midwicket.

This type of ball can work, especially against new batsman who mistime their swing and end up bowled, but your stock ball is full and straight because it is much lower risk.

There are more tips on the tactical and mental side of death bowling here.

Field variations

Assuming you have to have 4 in the circle, then you can have your off side sweeper move to mid on when the ball is swinging in and the batter has to go straighter.

Fine leg can move up into the circe of you want a deep square leg for the bouncer.

It's also important to keep an eye on what shots the batsman is attempting. You may not need an off side sweeper at all if he is a pure bottom hand slogger.

Batting against this field

The bowler is attempting to counter your main tactic of hitting over the leg side. If he is bowling well you need to find another way to pick up boundaries.

One simple way is to back yourself to hit straight and clear the fielders. You can hit over the bowler's head for a boundary in the V. And if you have a good bat and excellent timing you can even try to go over the deep fielders for a six.

You can step away and try to hit square with a slap shot. Hitting square on the leg side is very difficult but look out for the back of a length ball or bouncer to take advantage of the gap.

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