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Fielding drills: High catching fitness

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Purpose: To develop catching on the run and whilst tired.

Description: Player 1 has the job of catching as many high catches as possible. Player 2 starts by throwing or hitting a high catch to player 1 who runs and catches it and rolls it back. Player 3 then throws the ball so player 1 has to run and catch it again. Repeat for a set number then rotate the players.

Variations: Keeping score adds a competitive element.


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This season I have had mixed fortunes with the bat, with me having a good, solid innings one week then getting out for a duck the week after. At first, I didn't think much about it, however, when it happened a few weeks ago, I think that was the main reason why.

However, I practice in the nets 3 or 4 times a week and I feel that I am hitting the ball very well, and have been told by several coaches and players that I am technically one of the best players at the club, I feel that when I go out to the crease I feel like a bag of nerves who is desperate to get off the mark.

Thanks Matthew, but what has that got to do with this fielding drill?


hi,this is Amit from mumbai.i am a first class player and i was consider as a good fielder at any possision and in any standerd of the game.i have very good fielding knwoledge and i know the technique.i want to become a fielding coach in near future .Can you please mail me as many drills as you can that would be great help for me.thank you.

Hi Amit, if you click on the 'Drills' link at the top or on the right you should get all you need.