Fielding Drills: 3 Skill Relay | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Fielding Drills: 3 Skill Relay

This drill is part of the PitchVision Academy fielding drills series, for more in this series click here.

Purpose: To practice three skills in a row: underarm pickup and throw, chase and throw and a high catch.

Description: The wicketkeeper (w) rolls the ball towards the first fielder who runs, picks up and underarm throws the ball back to the wicketkeeper.

The keeper then rolls the ball out again for the same fielder to run, chase and throw on the turn back to the keeper again. The keeper quickly throws the ball to the coach who hits a high catch to the fielder to complete the catch and the third skill.

The fielder returns to the back of the group.

Coaches Note: Keep the groups small (no more than 4) to ensure there is not much waiting around.

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Hello mr. David Henchcliffe
My 10 year old cousin has started bowling leg breaks this year and he has made so much progress that he is just about a prodigy! He bowled a 17 year old batsman out with a ball that pitched outside leg and hit middle, at the perfect length and it was just about an unplayable delivery. He gets a decent amount of turn, from about middle stump to well outside off, he is developing techniques and abilities that you take years to develop, and that is a fact, you just do take that long. But he has done it all in 3 months…

For example, when bowling to me he got a bit of drift! From about middle stump to just outside leg! And he always gets ferocious dip as well! You find yourself playing forward and only then realizing that you should have gone back. Like Mike Gatting  He bowls a good pace, has the absolute PERFECT action, it is literally flawless in every way. He pivots 180 degrees, has a strong leading arm, is beautifully side-on, he is slightly round arm, he looks over his left shoulder, and his action looks precisely like Shane Warne’s action. The angle of his leg breaks spin is about 60 degrees most of the time, and he varies it so it can also be 15 degrees, I also learned him in less than 10 minutes how to control a big leg break and know he is ripping big un’s and beating the edge of the bat. He can also bowl the top spinner and a quicker flatter ball with outswing at an amazing pace. He is dedicated and wants to work hard and is willing to put hours of practice into this art, he is already as a matter of fact. Would you please help me to coach him via email/pitchvision

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