Fielding Drills: Ball sprints | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Fielding Drills: Ball sprints

This drill is part of the PitchVision Academy fielding drills series, for more in this series click here.

Purpose: To develop cricket-specific acceleration skills in a competitive game.

Description: Players get into pairs 5-7m apart. One player holds a tennis ball at shoulder height and arms length. He or she drops the ball so it bounces twice. As soon as the ball leaves the hand, his partner sprints to catch the ball before it bounces the 2nd time. Perform 3-6 times per player.

Variation:  The sprinting player can face away from the feeder and the feeder throws the ball over the players head. The player sprints as soon as he sees the ball

Notes: The drill is designed to improve acceleration so the idea is not to work up a sweat in this drill. Keep it very short and after a full warm up.


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