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Fielding Drills: Catcher in the middle

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Purpose: To practice flat catches and backing up at various distances

Description: Players line up as per the diagram in groups of three. The coach (c) hits the ball out to the nearest catcher. If the ball goes wide of the catcher the backup catchers must catch or stop the ball. Rotate players every third catch.

Variation: The nearest catcher can simulate bowling before the ball is hit back to them to recreate caught and bowled practice. High catches can also be added for variety.

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hi, i have some consornese about throwing tech-
we all know about for over arm throw you must be in balance position, side on position,throwing elbow shoulder level/above, back leg trails until after release follow through. but i saw lots of players throw from the side and throw the ball with lot of controll. then the coaches try to change them to the proper way. the player was become uneasy and not feel good to that but he try to change him self and i find some player start commplaining pain in the elbow that is give me some uncomfort zone
i think because thouse who are doing throw side ways for a long time and not feel any pain that mean they develop masulse that way and doing best for them. if we change them to the other tech,what kind of problem face by the player
1. we toch his feeling
2. new masulse be used
3.its give him benifit or??
in my point befor we intruduse new tech for player we must look after that things long he is playing cricket he have problem any kind?
3. we hit his feeling?
if any one have any research on that pls share with me.