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Fielding Drills: Close catching relay game

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Purpose: To practice close catching technique under pressure.

Description: This is a competitive game between two or more teams of any number of players.

Player 1 is the feeder and throws the ball to each player in his team for a close catch. Once each player has caught the ball and returned it cleanly, player 1 runs to the position of player 2. All the other players move along one place so player 4 is now the feeder.

If a player drops the ball the catch must be thrown to him again until he catches it. The first team to complete a round and return to their original positions are the winners.


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I am interested in becoming a certified cricket coach.I am living in New York and there are no cricket academys. I will like to get some feef back as to how this can be achieved

Rudolph, have you tried contacting the governing body in the USA for cricket?

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kaushik, dude, u aint funny, using allthose words dosent make you funny at all, all you are doing is spamming, and this is not the site to do it so just go away, and anytype of cricket it good , USA is a developing cricket country and its for the good of cricket that he is going to become a coach.

Gooood luck rudolph , Hope you become a gooooood coach!

rudolph, excellent idea dude.little does the world know America is developing cricket very rapidly, and i think a coaching academy would be an awesome idea. i think you should advertise your services near the heavy cricket playing parts of New York, and like David said, ask the governing body (NY is a cricket power house so it should be no problem)

kaushik, id like you to know that i play cricket in America (MA) and my club (like many other clubs) are sponsored by big companies... we have designated pitches and even get some media attention... in other words, we are legit. Are we a powerhouse for cricket like the other countries? no. but in time we will. young cricketers in America like me are slowly developing,and you soon will see what we have in our arsenal in the future. so keep hating bro! haha

As we continue to see the rapid growth of cricket in this country. It is the appropiate time for our governing body USACA to start negotiating with the powers that be to develop or improve facilities. This will express a degree of seriousness and will also be some encouragement for international cricketers or teams to make appearances on an exhibition basis or league play

Woah, finding stuff on this site I hadn't even thought about! This would be really useful, our close fielding drills are really wussy I feel, this (and others i bet) look like great ways of geeing people up. Just need the batsmen to start nicking balls!! Laughing out loud