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Fielding Drills: Duck Shoot

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Purpose: To practice the pick up and return running from the left or right.

Description: The coach (c) rolls the ball out for the fielder to runs across, pick up and return the ball to the keeper. After each fielder has thrown from one side, repeat from the other side.

Variations: You can attempt to throw down the stumps instead without a keeper (using a wall or netting to prevent overthrows).





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Hello sir:I want to ask you some thing i have a problem.The problem is i don't have confidence in myself peoples says me your are good player but my mind cannot accept that every time I,m in tenshion.plz tell me how i get self confidence tell me some exercise thx

i also have this problem sometimes . this can be because you are having very high goals or you are in ahabit of forcing yourself to get things done perfectly everytime thats why you dont have time to acknowledge yor own abilities and even if you have them ,you dont know about them coz most of the time you are forcing yourself.