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Fielding Drills: Fielding circle

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Purpose: Practicing stops, pickup, shy and backing up.

Description: An even number of players jog in a circle around a stump with a coach (c) in the middle. The coach rolls/hits the ball out to a fielder who picks up and shys and the stump. The throw is backed up by the opposite fielder and returned to the coach.

Variations: The coach can shout out players to change direction. Scoring can also be added by giving points for hitting the stump and losing points for misfields.


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similar drill can be used to coach backing up and thoughts on decision making. Increase number of stumps fielders run around. Coach calls bowler or keeper, or stump 1 or stump 2. Works well with 3 stumps in a line numbered 1,2 and 3 and fielder reacts to coach's call.

Great variation Ben and good to hear from you again.

The fielding drill tips that are shared here will useful to many of the coaches out there. I am much interested in cricket and this website has helped me a lot to understand more on the techniques to play the game well. Meaningful Use