Fielding Drills: Hunt in Packs | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Fielding Drills: Hunt in Packs

This drill is part of the PitchVision Academy fielding drills series, for more in this series click here.

Purpose: A pre-match warm up that practices the skills of chasing down a ball in pairs and backing up.

Description: The coach (C) or wicketkeeper rolls/hits the ball out from the stumps. The players behind the coach chase the ball down. The first player to reach the ball flicks it back to the other player who returns the ball to the stumps.

At the same time, the players in front of the coach sprint to the stumps/backing up position to take the throw.

The ball is returned to the coach and the players rotate around the square in a clockwise position.

  • Batsman can be added for run out chances.
  • The ball can be hit out in any direction so players have to work out who chases and who backs up.

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