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Fielding Drills: Run out chance

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Purpose: To practice ground fielding, backing up and throwing under pressure.

Description: The wicketkeeper (WK) rolls the ball out to position 1. At the same time the batter sets of for a quick single. The fielder must throw down the non striker stumps to run the batsman out. He or she then runs to back of the queue at position 2.

The fielder at position 2 backs up and fields the ball while the batter is turning to complete a second run. The fielder must return the ball to the keeper to run the batter out. He or she then runs to the back of the queue at position 1.

Batters take turns running until everyone has had a go, then teams change over.

Safety point: It may be beneficial for the batter to turn and run down the opposite side for the second run to avoid being hit.





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