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Fielding Drills: Stopper in the middle

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Purpose: To practice stopping the ball under pressure.

Description: Player 3 tries to roll the ball past player 2 reaching player 1. The ball must stay within the marked area. Player 2 scores a point for stopping the ball or if player 3 misfields. After 6 points players change positions.

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i am cricket coach ucum player in high school i have the team they having more talent and they all master in their shots they no about batting and in the nets they perform extrim but they couldn't win the match the have no match temparament they couldn't perform in the serious matches so please suggest me how i train themthey are master in batting bowling in their nets practice evry match they loss due to flopp batting aand bowling please sugest

on this site you can find a variety of ways how to create match scenarios and how to combine nets with match batting just search by typing in the box

may be make them think like they are in a serious situation and the have to play right.

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