Fielding drills: Underarm fitness | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Fielding drills: Underarm fitness

Purpose: A drill that incorporates cricket skills into speed/endurance training. Can also be used as a pre-game warm up drill.

Description: Players get into equal team numbers. The first player in the queue at end A runs with the ball, places it down on the blue marker and runs to the back of end B.

When the player passes the first person in the queue at end B, this person runs to the ball, picks it up and underarms it to the first player in the queue at end A before running to the back of the queue at A. Continue as many times as the fitness requirement permits.

Fitness notes: This is a flexible drill that can be used to develop cricket-specific speed or endurance, however it needs to be customised depending on the requirement:

  • Speed: Perform the throw portion of the drill (after a warm up) at full speed (90-95% sprinting pace). Ensure each player gets 2 minute rest between throws (you will need to work this out depending how many players are in the groups, you can alter the rest between races) . Do not exceed 5-10 throws per player. Players should be fully recovered between sprints.
  • Endurance: Increase the distance a player has to run and perform the throw portion of the drill at a slower pace (60-80% sprinting pace). Keep the rest time between throws low (30-60 seconds). Perform 10-20 throws each. Players should not have time to fully recover between sprints.

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