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Fielding Drills: Underarm relay

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Purpose: Practicing pickup and underarm throw under pressure.

Description: Players line up in 2 teams. The first player rolls the ball past the stump in the middle. The player on the opposite side runs in to pick up and underarms the ball at the stump. Once he has throw the ball he runs to the back of the other team. Meanwhile the original player fields the shy and underarms the ball at the stump. Once he has throw he runs to the back of the other team. When the throw hits the stump another ball is rolled by one of the team at the successful throwers end. When a player fumbles the ball he must just roll the ball for the opposite player and not take a shot at the stump.

Variation: Setup a race with several teams and stumps.








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hello. i am abdul rahim from pekan,pahang, malaysia. i am a beginer coacher for youth. i coach my team school. can you help me. i would like for cd how to coach.

I wish you luck. I don't have CDs on how to coach. You might want to contact the governing body of cricket in your country for assistance.