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Find Out Here if you can Bowl a Doosra

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The doosra and carrom ball is very difficult to bowl. Some even say they cannot be bowled legally.

I disagree with this. While it is very hard (and physically impossible for some), many spin bowlers will have the ability to bowl those deliveries legally.

Saying that a doosra impossible to bowl is like saying every spin bowler is the same, which they are not.

So how do you work out if you can do it?

It takes time to learn a new delivery. And getting the technique right is the most important. You can build accuracy on that.

A normal size cricket ball can be just too heavy and big to teach your finger the muscle memory needed to bowl a doosra or carrom ball.

You need something that will help you develop your technique without breaking your confidence.

So, start with a tennis ball.

tennis balls are much lighter and slightly smaller. They will allow you to learn the technique needed to bowl these deliveries without damaging your fingers or wrists.

You can move on to a real cricket ball once you are confident you can bowl it.

It’s the way Saqlain learnt to develop his doosra. So it should be good for you too.

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There was a statement made by a person in the bigcricket community and I don't agree with it. He said that you need 7 revolutions per second to achieve drift (along with a lot of other statements about drift that are false) Surely this isn't the case? That is only 420 revolutions per minute which is just about NO spin! Fast bowlers get 13 revs per second (about 700 revs) and that is just enough to keep the seam upright!!! The Trackman used in the Ashes also indicates that drift starts to happen at 2300 revolutions per minute.