Free video reveals: How to stay confident as a Twenty20 bowler | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Free video reveals: How to stay confident as a Twenty20 bowler

Losing lingers in the mind.

Everyone dwells on bad bowling spells. If it’s really bad you even let it worry you right into the next match, making it more likely you will bowl badly. A vicious circle of failure.

And in Twenty20 there is a fair chance it wasn’t even your fault.

That lovely good length away-swinger you have been working on all winter that catches the edge in a longer game is smashed over extra cover for six in the shortest format.

Where is the justice?

No wonder bowler’s go to pieces in twenty20 matches.

But with the right approach, you don’t have to.

You see, celebrated fast bowling coach, Ian Pont knows a thing or two about fast bowling in limited overs games and has come up with a complete guide for all quickies who play the short game.

The course features:
  • Technical tips on bowling fast at the beginning of an innings
  • A guide to your mental game and how you approach a spell
  • Field settings for every point in the match
  • What to do when the death overs arrive and you have to bowl
  • How to bowl bouncers and several different slower balls
  • The importance of the middle overs, even in T20
  • A complete guide to practicing your twenty20 bowling skills at nets

It’s called: Beating the Odds: How to Succeed as a Twenty20 Fast Bowler. Click here to buy it now.

So whether you are a youngster who plays evening cricket, a club player looking to take the side to the club national final or a player on the cusp of the professional game there are drills, techniques and methods for you.

Twenty20 confidence

To celebrate the launch of this course, PitchVision Academy are giving away an exclusive video, not available anywhere else, which reveals how you can keep your confidence high from ball to ball and game to game.

Even when faced with an onslaught of batting.

To get access to the video, and some other very special free exclusive content, all you have to do is fill in the form below:

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You can still enrol on Beating the Odds: How to Succeed as a Twenty20 Fast BowlerClick here to buy it now.

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