Free video reveals: The beginners guide to bowling leg spin | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Free video reveals: The beginners guide to bowling leg spin

How do great leg spinners get started?

Bowler’s like Shane Warne, Abdul Quadir and Anil Kumble are exciting. They take wickets with art, style and guile. They do it without having the advantages of pace and fear that the quicks have.

Men like this seem to be on another plain, making the ball do incredible things and deceiving world-class batsmen.

But even the greats start as beginners.

How did they get from first picking up a ball and having a go at leg spin to becoming a master of the art?

Until now it’s been an impossible and expensive job to find out.

Coaches at club and school level (if you have one) know nothing about bowling leg spin. It’s too specialist. You are on your own.

All the best leg spin coaches are sucked up into the first-class game or charging vast amounts that only the richest can afford.

No wonder most budding leg spinners drop out of the game, or turn to bowling medium pace. They are not lost due to lack of talent, but they just don’t have the knowledge to succeed.

But you don’t need to join those ranks.

Because now that has changed.

A brand new coach has joined PitchVision Academy and Muhammed Haroon is here to teach you how to bowl leg spin in his brand new online coaching course: “Leg Spin for Beginners and Juniors

The course fills that obvious gap in knowledge.

Using a unique combination of interactive videos, worksheets and articles all on-line you hold in your hands (or at your keyboard) the place learn where to begin.

Free leg spin video
Want an example?

In this exclusive reveal to PitchVision Academy readers we have one of the online interactive videos from the course to show you today.

It’s about what line and length leg spinners use take wickets and will take you 2 minutes to complete.

Click here to view the video now.

Leg Spin for Beginners and Juniors

What about the rest of the course?

Using the tips, tactics and drills in the online coaching course you will discover the crucial foundations to leg spin success.y following the instructions on the course you will be able to use incredible tip, turn and accuracy to take wickets.

And when you are taking wickets you can’t be ignored as a talent. You will be able to move easily up the levels and play at higher and higher standards. As you practice more you can rely on your action and mental strength to take you into the professional game.

And once you are playing first-class cricket, your dreams of international honours is a very real target.

But it all starts with one simple thing: Picking up the ball and bowling it.

Just like Shane Warne did as a boy.

When you buy this online course you will have instant access to the entire set of be building block tactics, tips and techniques. Tips include:

  • The mental approach to becoming a leg spinner and dealing with the huge obstacles along the way with ease and confidence.
  • The 5 important element of technique that will give you maximum turn and dip
  • The crucial tactics all leg spinners need to know to get wickets.
  • One simple way to build pin-point accuracy while turning the ball square.
  • Understanding what fields to set in every match situation.

Using simple, proven and effective methods that have worked from total beginners to first-class and international players, you can buy this course and start improving your game today.

Click here to get instant online access to all the chapters, pick up a ball and start the road to becoming a great.

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I am Roohullah Sahebzoy From Afghanistan and i have a Question can you tell me who was the Coach of Shane Warne?

terry jenner

Hello mr. David
You clearly have a lot of knowledge in wrist spin bowling and I was hoping you could help me. My 10 year old cousin has started to bowl leg spin a few months ago and he bowled a few magical deliveries to start with, when I showed him how to bowl the top spinner it took him one ball to bowl the perfect top spinner. His bowling action is indescribably perfect. It's flawless in every way even though I have only showed him the basics of bowling leg spin. His action is exactly the same as Shane Warne's action and their physical properties are also similar. His grip is a bit strange, I showed him the correct grip for maximum spin but it looks like his ring finger is wrapping around the ball. I don't know why but all his deliveries spin with a scrambled seam. They spin about at 45-70 degrees. He gets very good turn but he struggles with accuracy, a lot. Why do you think that this is?