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Get fit for cricket by playing cricket (part 2)

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Isn't it great when you find an impressive sounding journal to backup your own cricket training ideas?

In June 2006 the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance had this to say:

"Research on neural adaptations to resistance training indicates that intermuscular coordination is an important component in achieving transfer to sports skills."

In other words, to get fit for cricket you need to be doing cricket-like exercises.

And the number one cricket-like exercise is playing cricket.

Trouble is, there are other important things on that list of exercises too. Just playing cricket is not enough if you want to improve your game.

You need to put the work in off the field too.

Why? Because the only way to ensure you are reducing the risk of injury, increasing your strength, developing your power and having the endurance to last until the final ball is through fitness training.

It's time to stop saying 'get fit by playing' and start thinking 'get fit for playing'.

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[...] However as with all sports: The more specific the training the better the crossover to the cricket pitch. [...]

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