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Getting the right attitude - Cue Cards

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How do you remember to keep a positive attitude and stay on track towards your cricket goals?

It can be difficult to stay focussed, especially under pressure.

That's where cue cards come in.

Cue cards are simply small cards with specific words or statements on them to help you concentrate. You could put a small card on your bat with a coaching point on it, or have a full breakdown of your goals taped to the inside of your coffin or bag. Whatever works to improve your state of mind and remind you of your cricket goals for that match, month or year.

Here is an example of a cue card for a keeper/batsman (in fact it's my own). I keep it in my bag and look it over before play to help stay focused:

cricket cue card


Your cue cards must be individual to you as every cricketer has different strengths and weaknesses. They can be used as constant reminders or as one off cards for particular games or times of year.There are three types of cues:

  • Technical - such as "watch the ball"
  • Tactical - such as "line and length"
  • Attitude - such as "be patient"

You can use any words or statements you like as a cue, just remember they need to be specific to your needs as outlined by you, your coach and your goals.

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I wrote three short lines down the fingers of my left glove and looked at them when I was feeling like I was losing focus or I was being troubled by the bowler The notes are:
* Play your game
* Watch the ball out of the hand
* See it, hit it

Wow - I've never batted for more than an hour before in my life. BIG thanks for the tip.