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Guaranteed: How to play the perfect shot every time

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Gary Palmer, PitchVision Academy Batting Coach, has 20 years of coaching experience and has come up with a fool-proof way of achieving perfection in batting. If you would like group or one-to-one coaching with Gary visit CCM Academy.

We all know batting is more to do with the mind but it's impossible to succeed at the highest level with a flawed technique.
The more perfect your technique becomes the less you need to think about it. This allows you to focus all your concentration on watching the ball with confidence and an uncluttered mind.
But you can't walk into a match and expect to be perfect.
To achieve perfection you need to practice hard and hit lots of balls over a prolonged period of time with a meticulous eye on detail of technique, building up your muscle memory, concentration, work ethic, discipline and mental toughness.
This method of coaching is called 'grooving' and I swear by it.
Why is grooving important?
Grooving sessions are solely about technique.
They are different to 'traditional' nets and matches which are about the game plans and watching the ball while judging length and line. You can't improve technique in these situations, which is why grooving is so important.
Grooving is not just hitting balls for 10 minutes; it's hitting balls for an hour or more. If you have alignment, balance, or poor completion of shot issues, they can be quickly identified and corrected early on in a grooving session.
The longer you hit the better you get until perfection is constantly achieved.
And 'constantly' is the important word.
Grooving works when the coach sets the highest standard. If there is even the slightest flaw the coach and player should address it immediately.
Accepting nothing less than perfection is part of the process.
It's no good saying 'good shot' to a talented player if part of the technique is incorrect. All that happens is the player thinks they have got it right and will try to reproduce it.
Doing this will not eradicate any flaws in technique.
You won't get perfect technique as second nature.
And you certainly won't be able to bat naturally.
How to use grooving to get a perfect batting technique
The technique of the straight bat shots (on, off and straight drive, front and back foot) are the basis of a good player and are no. 1 priority.
The grooving process I have established over many years of trial and error is:
  1. Groove shots through repetition with a meticulous eye on technique with an easy feed first.
  2. Groove shots from all angles over and around the wicket.
  3.  Intensify the feed by making the deliveries progressively faster.
  4. Introduce swing, in and out, over and around the wicket.
  5. Introduce off spin/left arm spin again over and around.
  6. Introduce run chase scenarios and make them progressively challenging.
You can see all the drills and scenarios for this process I use in my online coaching courses here:
The videos and downloads will give you everything you need to know to progress.
While you can and should start with simple tennis ball drop and bounce feeds, I recommend the Bola bowling machine to progress the grooving process by allowing accurate delivery of swing and spin bowling.
The coach should lead the grooving session and the development of a players technique because the good coach knows what is best for the player. He or she understands the mechanics of technique better than players do. It's something you need a lot of years coaching experience to learn.


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