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Here's A Simple Way to Instantly Compare Yourself to Other Bowlers

It’s a question every cricketer considers: Just how well do I compare to others?

You watch the bowlers on TV and wonder just how much quicker they really can be. You mull over how much more accurate that star opposition bowler is.

Is he overrated and lucky or is he actually a pinpoint accurate demon?

Now there is an easy way to find out using the online tools at PitchVision Interactive.

PitchVision has been busily gathering data of players all round the world for a while. The system, which is easily set up in any net, tracks information. For bowlers that information includes how fast you bowl and how accurate you are.

Here is the fun part that you can play with.

You can find out all the stats here on PitchVision and compare them to your own game.

Let’s take bowling speed as an example. Imagine you are a 15 year old fast bowler from the UK. How do you compare to the best bowlers that are using PitchVision?

Head over to PitchVision Interactive and click on the “PV Fastest Bowlers” button in Stats Central (on the right hand side).

You will see it instantly brings up the top 10 fastest bowlers. Looks like you have some speedy competition. However, you are 15 so why would you care how fast a 34 year old can bowl? Let’s filter it down to more useful information.

Click change the filters below the top ten to:

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Age Group: Under 15

And click “Apply Filters”. You get a result like this:

You can see from the screen shot that the top speed is 59mph (94.5 kph): That’s zippy. Now you know what you are up against.

As you have probably already guessed you can do exactly the same for line, length, wickets taken and strike rate.

You can filter by your country, or look at other countries, or even scan the whole world for your age. You can even filter between left and right handed players. How’s that for detail?

Have a play and compare yourself to your peers.

Just how good are you? 

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