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Here's Another Incredible Batting Tip From An International Level Coach

Online coaching is what we do here at PitchVision Academy, which is why this week we are delighted to welcome Serious Cricket and their world-class coaches to the platform.

As you know, we are constantly seeking out talented players and coaches to give you the highest quality cricket coaching advice in the courses section.

Serious Cricket are in the same game and have gathered together 4 top coaches who we are adding to the fold here.

It all starts with Toby Radford, former Head Coach of Middlesex, ECB Performance Programme coach and currently coaching as part of the set up at West Indies. His online coaching course, Batting, is available now. Click here.

And coming up in the next few weeks are the secrets of fast bowling from England International Chris Silverwood, Spin Bowling with Richard Hindley (Hampshire Junior Squads Head Coach) and wicketkeeping with Nic Pothas (South Africa).

There has never been a better time to start your journey as a cricketer here on PitchVision.

For more on that, enrol on the free 10 week email coaching course provided by the Serious Cricket coaches.

And as for that amazing tip?

Over to Toby Radford, in an exclusive excerpt from his online coaching course:

How to keep the ball on the ground

It's frustrating when you try and hit the ball on the floor but end up getting caught.

A common cause of this is a poor transfer of weight onto the front leg. The batter's weight is on the back leg and you see the head back and the front knee straight. By the time you make contact your head is behind the bat and the ball goes up in the air.

Instead you need to get your weight forward. How you do this is to use a simple drill where you lift your back leg in the air and stay on one leg after the shot.

To see a video of this drill and many more on how to improve your batting, enrol on Batting with Toby Radford.

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