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How fast should a cricketer be?

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esterday I mentioned some standards for cricketers strength. I have also had a request for how fast a cricketer should be so I'm borrowing some norms from the ECB:

Adult Cricketer Speed Test

Run three runs on a normal length cricket pitch with a bat but no other equipment (pads, gloves etc.). Have someone with a stopwatch time you.


  • Poor: Greater than 10.7 seconds
  • Good: 9.7-10.2 seconds
  • Excellent: Less than 9.2 seconds

Seeing as the weather is improving outside, get out there and tell me your best times!

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9.4 seconds...... thats better than good =)

[...] How fast should a cricketer be? [...]

3 standard RUN's in the middle yeh?
can i use the bat to run in and then turn around?

what about a kid working on his speed what are times for me. also i got told i could run quicker so what are some exercises that i can do?

How old are you cody?

If you want to run between the wickets faster the first thing I would do is improve my strength and power. Depending how old you are I can give you a response.

[...] fast and agile you [...]

I've run 70 mts. in 11.6 seconds and I'm only 12. Thats fast!

what would be the good timings for a 13 year old?

I'm afraid I don't have the data available champ, sorry.

7 seconds, I am the fastest runner in my whole neighborhood.