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What do you need to practice cricket?

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There is not much cricket played in Japan and not many places to practice. Despite the lack of cricketing culture there are pockets of cricketers. These include Shun, who emailed me recently.

Shun's problem is that he does not have much in the way of facilities or equipment to practice. The nearest nets are 2 hours away from where he lives.

How can he and his friends practice with no facilities?

The simple way for me would be to just get out there and enjoy it with the space and kit they have. Some of the best games of cricket I have ever had have been in my back garden with a tennis ball and ancient bat. I scored my first hundred in the garden!

Fielding drills require nothing more than a ball and some space, it's easy to setup an impromptu game in a park and you can use bodyweight for fitness training.

It's true that more equipment and well trained coaches give you more options but sometimes, as Greg Chappell is keen to point out, you can learn a lot more by just playing cricket and forgetting about the latest training aids.

By all means use the equipment and facilities you have available, but if resources are limited get creative and use what you have. It will make you a better cricketer.


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As you probably know I make use of limited resources and space - for instance I use a football pitch near my house and go to the extremes of going over there at night and rolling an area in front of the stumps 8' x 20' with a roller so that it's flat! I've even got a Qualcast Panther manual mower I picked up on ebay for £15 that I'll be using once the grass gets growing!

In addition directly outside of my house there's a disused play area with a nice wall and I bowl up against that and I've recently discovered Hockey practice balls are 5.5oz and the same size as a cricket ball but made of a dense plastic so they're ideal for bowling on concrete! So just to relax and chill out I can throw some balls in my concrete yard or with a bit more effort taking my 6 stumps - (which initially were windbreak poles that I'd removed and cut down) and 24 cricket balls again off of ebay I can bowl to my hearts content backwards and forwards from one end to the other!

It looks like between fortnightly net practices a few of us are going to be spending Saturday morning on 'My wicket' bowling, batting and wicket keeping - just three of us but still such a good laugh and excellent practice. As you said in your post, you can have some really good fun with a few of you and limited resources and the gear is so easily got hold of on ebay at stupidly cheap prices if you bide your time!

I fully agree that we should make the best of our resources available.

I do the same in my house along with my friend.

At a distance of 15 feet; he bowls over-arm with the help of sponge ball and with a small bat (Approx. 2feet long).

The advantage of this drill helps me in various ways:

1. Quick Reaction timing.
2. Hand-Eye Co-ordination
3. Fast movement of Feet’s.
4. Helps in Concentration
5. Overall a good exercises.

Bowling should of variety in nature like fast (Short of length, Yorker, Good length); Leg spin and off spin; plus variety in pace helps to concentrate more.

Practicing these has been helpful to me as it beneficial during my net session and since batting in nets is not available all the time- we have only one net and on an average there are around 7-8 batsmen. So it is tough to get batting practice everyday in the nets.

So I practice at my house form time to time.

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good practice I know monty panesar

i did this practice and got into england cricket team well done lads love yo

How is that for a recommendation?

heyy i have problem concentrating while batting, i can't see the ball ... so how can i concentrate while batting, how can i make good shots... i play indoor cricket....
please give me advice

thank you

You can't see the ball?

no i mean i can see the ball but i can't concentrate on the ball, i try to make shot but it wouldn't workk..i misses all the time
how would i concentrate on ball?

Try Greg Chappells method of thinking of something else between balls, focussing on the bowler as he runs in and finally an extreme focus on the ball at the point of delivery.

I practice my batting with a cricket ball or sometimes a tennis ball, I throw it on a wall say at 4-5m away and play my shots on the rebound. I have become a good batsman where ball kepps low and a good front-foot player. But my weakness is shorter deliveries. How can I pracice them???????

For practice stand about 2m away from the wall and make sure you have the good quality tennis balls that bounce well. Throw the ball with your left hand on the full to the bottom of the wall and then the ball should come back to you around chest hight. This takes a bit of practice though especially after the throw being able to grip the bat with two hands.

You could also practice on tennis or basketball courts. Tennis courts work well because the nets stop long ball chases.

1. when ball is coming towards me i cant concentrate on it
2 i cant play when ball is coming towards body

The best way to practice alone I found is to practice in a sock. Hang it up tied to a rope and insert a cricket ball in the sock. vary the height and keep hitting. Improves your hand eye coordination and you can practice straight bat shots.

hey you could warm up by throwing the ball and cathing it the just hit it with your hand at first Smiling i know it sounds stupid but i am sooo bad a tennis but i warmed up with that and.....mabey it will help Smiling

and do think about it hitting you just the bat Smiling

sory i ment dont think about it Smiling

Hey.!sir.i am a good off spinner. .plz tel me how cn i big break ball. .my bowl is litle bit swing.

hello sir,
i am an all-rounder and i bowl leg-break... but the problem is i always fail to bowl googly, top-spin, and flipper... Sad please give me some tip for improvement...