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How muscular can cricketers be?

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Players often tell me that they don't want to 'bulk up' or become so muscular they can no longer bat or bowl efficiently.

Frankly, I think that's a bit of an excuse not to train. At the very least it's a fear you can put aside.

It's widely recognised that bowlers have to be strong and powerful to prevent injury and improve their performance. Top players train regularly in the gym to develop this.

Yet no bowler at international level is ever accused of being too strong, powerful or muscular. Even the huge guys like Andrew Flintoff.

If the players at the highest level, with all the time they need to train can't get too big it is certainly impossible for you to do it.

No such thing as too powerful for cricket

We have all seem the huge bodybuilder types strutting around barely able to move their arms. That's where the idea that you can get too big comes from.

In fact, those guys train very in the specific way to get big. They also eat massive amounts of food and many take muscle-growing drugs like steroids.

Even then, many fail as they do not have the right genetic makeup to grow muscles so large.

No cricketer in his or her right mind will be doing that, so no cricketer will ever get too big in that way.

Instead of avoiding the gym for fear of being too big to play, consider how you are not making the most of your talents with reduced level of power and strength.

Get fit to play sport with speed, power and strength training, get fit to play cricket with specific drills and you will never have to worry about being over muscular.

Thanks to Dmitry for the emailed question that I turned into this post. If you have any questions you would like answered then follow Dmitry's lead and contact me.

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