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How not to be Shane Watson

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Poor old Shane Watson.

The talented all-rounder can't stay on the park so because he has a burly frame and a lantern jaw, his critics have blamed his bulky muscles.

No wonder everyone is terrified of following the Shane Watson (or Shoaib Akhtar) example of having too many muscles and constant injuries.

How do you avoid that fate?
Well, you don't.

Because there is no link between muscle size and injury risk.

The rapier-like Michael Vaughan was equally injury prone in his career. How about Shane Bond, Munaf Patel, Ashish Nehra and even the tiny Sachin? All have had more than their fair share of injuries without a passing comment at their bulk.

Fact is; you can't tell how injury prone anyone might be just by looking at their muscles.

Being skinny is just as risky.

That's really just common sense.

Players can have a barrel chest and be injury-free. In fact, being strong helps your game. Shane couldn't bowl in the 130-140kph range and smash sixes into the crowd if he was weak.

The real trick is to be as strong as Shane without having his proneness to pulling a fetlock every time you look at a cricket bat.

And the way to do that is a program that includes being fast and agile and flexible as well as strong combined with a healthy diet.

Cricket fitness isn't always about going for the biggest muscles or the most sweat in a session, it's about being a well rounded cricketer who can run, jump, throw, catch, bowl and have a range of batting shots.

And if you can do that you will be able to take the good bits from Shane Watson while leaving his injuries behind.

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Are you trying to jinx him? He has been fit for nearly 8 months now, that is some sort of record so leave him alone.

He's just about our MVP now.

I never thought I'd say that and it doesn't make me happy might I add. What have we come to?

Sorry Lou, maybe he has played his way out of his bad reputation, but you know this article wasn't really about Shane Watson, right?

Didn't Shane Watson get massive from all the remedial physio & gym work for his injuries when he couldn't play?

I don't know for sure but I would find it unlikely. Nobody gets big from remedial physio.

It was from a lot of gym work and he has apparently stopped such a heavy amount.

No, it wasn't. Gym work doesn't cause injury as I deftly pointed out in the article.