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How to bat and bowl with creativity and innovation

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Ever wonder how international batsmen have the cheek to play those audacious shots at the end of one day innings?

You know the ones: stepping across the line or making room to drive. Sweeping the fast bowler and reverse slog sweeps for six.

Bowlers are the same when the come up with slower balls, cutters and variations galore as the overs clock ticks down.

You can be just as innovative in your club games too.

The real trick is not to try and copy what the top guys are doing.

They are playing a different game of cricket.

The rules might be similar, but the talent, tactics, skill and practice time makes doing crazy things that much easier. You have to come up with your own plans.

You do that by getting to know the standard tactics inside out, then thinking fast about how to break them.

That's why underarm bowling was banned, why the reverse sweep was invented and why Mike Brearley put a helmet at midwicket once (to try and get the batsman to hit across the line for the 5 bonus runs).

Your ideas might not work, or they might make you a hero in the bar. Surely that's worth the attempt?

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