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How to be a Cricket Ninja

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Ninjas were the greatest warriors in the history of the world.

They were the original results guys: they didn’t care if their methods appeared unorthodox or devious because they got the job done.

They did it so well that at the time it was assumed they had supernatural powers.

It’s this extreme level of skill combined with the philosophy that “anything goes” that made the ninjas such a force in feudal Japan.

It’s this same approach that will make you a ninja cricketer.

The smiling assassin

Back in ninja times, war was fought with a specific and honourable code. The way of the Samurai was noble but sometimes ineffective.

Ninjas didn’t subscribe to this idea (they wanted results) and used tactics like deception, disguise and targeted assassinations.

I see a clear parallel with cricket today.

We play in the time honoured way, and when that doesn’t work we continue to play in the time honoured way. It’s mindless, structured and keeps us out of the ninja clan.

Wouldn’t it be better to be an assassin?

Wouldn’t you do more damage if you focused in on your target, using deceptive ploys before striking with ruthless efficiency?

You have those methods available to you.
  • Bowlers can use field settings to force a batsman to play a false shot, or bowl to weaknesses.
  • Batsman can manipulate the field and target bowlers to go after or see off.
  • Both sides can work the umpire.

There is no doubting that these are high-level ninja tricks.

Yes, you need to be able to bowl the ball in the right place when bowling and hit the ball well when batting.

These are the basics that everyone must master.

But once you are confident in the basics, you can also start to develop your ninja legend.

The legend of you

The real ninjas let rumours spread that they were superhumanly strong, and fast with powers like invisibility and shape shifting.

As a cricketer I’m sure you have heard rumours about good local players destroying the opposition. They become a legend too and the fear leads to nervous performances against the “legend” which leads to his legend growing.

By mastering basic skills then applying ninja tricks it’s you that becomes the legend rather than the guy down the road.

You are the one sneaking up and picking the opposition apart through fear, skill and any tactic you can find that works.

And that is the sign of a true ninja.

Just leave the black face mask at home. 

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